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Whole30 Day 3

Day 3. 1/10 of the way through this program. That is depressing. I’m actually writing this post on Day 4 which has been significantly worse than the other days, so some of that negativity will probably seep into Day 3’s post.

Day 3 was better than Day 2, which was pretty sweet because Day 2 wasn’t that bad! No headache in the morning on Day 3, but still had the overall fatigue in the morning, and I was way too tired to workout when I woke up. I had a doctors appointment where I talked to my doctor about Whole30 and my exercise routine and she said I was the picture of good health. Yay me!

Work was unbelievably busy today. I went to the doctor over my lunch break and had a ton of meetings so I didn’t have time to eat lunch until 3:00, and here’s the amazing part: I wasn’t starving. Pre Whole30 I was hungry by 10:30. Since starting Whole30 my breakfasts have kept me full until at least 12:00 if not later, which is huge for me.

Eating at 3:00 actually really worked out for me today because I had my first “Whole30 test.” One of my friends is moving away, and she had a happy hour going away party at a East End Market in Winter Park (it was a great atmosphere and I can’t wait to go back post-Whole30). Wine Down Wednesdays have all you can drink sangria for $15, and somehow, amazingly, I stuck to Whole30. No sangria, no appetizers, just 2 baby carrots that came with someone’s hummus. This was a huge win for me and I felt so accomplished when I left!

The rest of my night went downhill as my MBA team realized we had forgotten to complete a homework assignment that was due at midnight, I got home to make dinner and all of my veggies had gone bad, and then I didn’t like the dinner that I did have. Very disappointing. The good news is that I stuck to Whole30, and I’m sure it will get better soon!

B: Egg bake with avocado and 1/2 grapefruit

L: Stuffed baked potato (turkey, broccoli, roasted red peppers, ghee)

D: Citrus Chicken (from:, roasted zucchini, apple


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