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Go Panthers!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and stayed safe in the Winter Storm (Nick) Jonas! I had an AMAZING weekend as my Carolina Panthers won the NFC Championship game, and WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL! This will be only the second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, and the first for Cam Newton and my personal favorite player, Luke Kuechly. We’ll be playing the Broncos on February 7th in Santa Clara, California for the Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl 50! Seriously no words for my excitement.

Yesterday before the game I took my mentor from my college internship to the Magic Kingdom with his wife and son, as they were stranded in Orlando for a few days after their Disney Cruise. We had a great time playing in the parks even though it was a little chilly. Of course I had to show off my Panthers Jersey to all of my fellow park-goers.


Maybe this gave the team a little good luck last night 🙂

I got home in time to watch the game (obviously) and whip up a little dinner before it started. On the menu: an Italian chicken bake that I got from Pinterest, rice, salad, and a roll (I know I know rice and bread are bad but it’s what I had on hand).

I didn’t take a picture of my whole meal but man was it good. I overcooked it a little bit so my cheese didn’t brown nicely, but it still tasted absolutely amazing. Again, I can’t take credit for this recipe, so click here to see it!


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